weight loss

Weight Loss

As part of our anti-aging practice, preventing fat accumulation and maintaining muscle are very important to aging gracefully. As part of the Regenerative Matrix weight loss anti-aging department, our medical staff understand the importance of focusing on fat-loss rather than the scale as a measurement of success. Most “weight-loss” clinics provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach using ineffective protocols and sub-optimal approaches. We do not starve our patients using 500kcal diets - this leads to the loss of muscle and the preservation of body fat. Ever wonder why you gained back all that weight after you discontinued? Regenerative Matrix's Weight Management Program is designed to promote fat reduction while also improving muscle tone with long term results. Treatments are individualized to each patient's goals and defined during a private consultation. Read about our weight loss treatments in the FAQ section, then call us at 321-298-9514 to discuss which treatment is right for your needs.