Testimonials From Our Patients

Anna and her team go above and beyond to make you feel special whether you are just popping in for a B-12 shot or treating yourself to some fillers. Anna also makes sure you perfectly understand the process and what she can do for you to give to both realistic and optimal results. I just love ‘em!
Update: I got Dermagen lip filler by Anna. I’m 3 days after the treatment. My pout is gorgeous! I wanted a fuller look while still looking natural. Not “overdone”. I used one of their promotions for 1cc. I am amazed at what Anna can do! So beautiful, so natural, so pouty. I’m in love with my lips!!!
Anna, you are so wonderful and so good at what you do! I was nervous to have things done to my face to thwart some of the natural aging process, but you made me feel very calm. I knew I was in good hands with you! You made my first time with botox, facial fill injections and your own neck line reduction technique feel as natural and painless as it could be! I will be back to YOU, because of that! Thanks again!
I went in for a lunch time facial. This is the perfect way to refresh your skin and look forward to the rest of your day! Christina did my Medical Microdermabrasion Facial and my skin hasn’t felt softer! I swear it feels as soft as a baby’s bottom. This was so relaxing and she gave very personalized care. Thanks Regenerative Matrix! I feel younger already!
I had babied my knee for months due to shooting pain and had stopped exercising. Now I was depressed and gaining weight. I needed to do something so I tried PRP on my knee within a few days the pain had lessened and I was able to work out again. Additionally I have a morton’s neuroma that was bothering me and I was unable to wear heels and go dancing, Regenerative Matrix treated that as well for me and now I am back on the Dance Floor.
I had surgery on both my feet for plantar fasciitis. Before I came to Regenerative Matrix I had nerve pain and tight tendons from scar tissue buildup. So far I’ve had two treatments on my feet. The nerve pain is gone and the tendons have loosened quite a bit. If you do exactly as they tell you to do after the injections, you will notice a big difference.
Since an accident a few years ago my knees have really pained me. Anna performed two treatments of PRP on both knees and the results were amazing! I no longer am in constant pain. My knees may still ache sometimes after too many squats but by the next day the pain is gone. I would recommend PRP from Regenerative Matrix to anyone experiencing joint pain. I’m very pleased with my results and the staff.
Anyone considering any procedures for faces should definitely give Regenerative Matrix a call. The team works great and never scrimps on the patients. I have had Botox very satisfactorily done and have friends who are thrilled with the all natural PRP treatments they’ve had. I anxiously await for my appointment for PRP work. Let’s face it (pardon the pun), we all want to stay young looking and I have seen firsthand how well this works AND, again, it’s all natural. I highly recommend, if you are at all interested, that you call Regenerative Matrix for a consult.
This really works!
I am so happy that I went to regenerative Matrix. Anna and her team made me feel so comfortable. I was very unsure about getting my lips made fuller and I didn’t have very much of lips to start with and Anna explained everything as she went she did a little bit at a time so that I didn’t get nervous and she showed me each little bit she would put in with a mirror that she gave me in my hands. The fact that I could follow along made me feel very secure with what was being done, and they explained the whole process as they went and it didn’t even hurt. It was so worth it I can’t quit looking in the mirror I have so much confidence and I feel so pretty now!!!! Thank you Regenerative Matrix.
Everyone likes to look their best, but as we get older our face wrinkles and we get the dreaded 11’s between our eyes and gravity takes it’s toll. I am so happy I took the advise of a good friend and went to see Anna at Regenerative Matrix. They are extremely competent, trusting and really, really want to please and make you happy. They are delightful and very knowledgeable. I feel young again at 71 and wanted to look and feel young again. They did it for me. Bravo to the team at Regenerative Matrix.
I went to Regenerative Matrix LLC found everyone warm and friendly! Anna listened to everything that I said about what really bothered me on my face and did her magic!!! She was so gentle and confident that reassured you were getting the best care. I was so thrilled with my results I am so happy I went there I would highly recommend them!!!
I discovered Regenerative Matrix center about a year and a half ago and there’s nowhere else I would rather go. The personal attention you get is unbelievable. I’ve been to many many local doctors Offices over the years for fillers and Botox but have never experienced such a caring nature as the staff at this center offer.
I can’t say enough about all of the people that work there beginning with Anna, Maureen, Christina, Paige and Jose....these people will go the extra 9 yards like I have never seen before; there’s no such thing as getting rushed out of this office; the time that the staff spends with you is something I’ve never experienced before. Their attitude is that they will never give up on you and will go to any lengths to satisfy the client, there is no such thing as this is as good as it gets with them, they Truly aim to please!!
What really impresses me is how Informed and educated everyone is and how they maintain a cutting edge attitude of staying current with everything that’s new in the world of facial and body rejuvenation.
I cannot say enough about the AMAZING things happening at Regenerative Matrix!! In short 20+ years of pain & limited mobility was relieved by PRP injectins almost IMMEDIATELY! I had tears in my eyes, I could not believe how good it felt. In fact, after seeing MANY of the patients (at the dental practice I was working at) have truly AWSOME results, as well as my own terrific results. I am now working with Anna and staff helping the hurting. Fighting the aging process through TRUE rejuvenation. Thank you Regenerative Matrix!
I have had four fractured discs in my cervical spine (Neck) since playing college football at Ohio State. Three physicians that consulted with me over the last year had put me on anti-convulsive medication to treat my neck and nothing was working. I tried PRP in January of 2016 and immediately had about 70% relief. Recently I had my second injection (April 2017) and my neck now functions minus the use of Anti-Inflammatories and Toxic Pain meds.
I have had several things done at Regenerative Matrix. A chemical peel with fantastic results, Botox which I never had and it turned out great. The chemical peel lifted all my sun spots and reduced the little wrinkles, while my skin feels tighter too. Bonus is my face looks years younger, it actually took off a few skin tags and my skin is soft and smooth. I just had another chest peel and can’t wait to see the amazing difference. I highly recommend the team at Regenerative Matrix.
I am a 74 year old and had both knees replaced in the last five years. I was still experiencing pain in my knees and unable to do the things I loved such as hiking and skiing. I have done PRP now on my knees and shoulders several times and I have been skiing and hiking again. Thank you PRP.
I went to Regenerative Matrix LLC found everyone warm and friendly! The medical team listened to everything that I said about what really bothered me on my face and then they did their magic!!! We have done PRP Bio Filler on my whole face, I loved it so much I went back and had my neck and upper chest done with the PRP Bio Filler. They are so gentle and confident and reassured you are getting the best care. I was so thrilled with my results I am so happy I went there I would highly recommend them!!!
My name is Judy, and I “strained” my left shoulder while having fun on one of the “canopy treks” at the zoo. My injury continued to worsen for the next month despite applying ice and resting it. Unsatisfied with the treatment plan offered by my orthopedist (cortisone shots in the joint) I came to Regenerative Matrix in search of an alternative approach.

My MRI revealed I had quite a bit of inflammation and arthritis as well as a small bone spur. In my previous experience, traditional cortisone shots were painful initially and created debilitating soreness in the joint for a couple of days. Though the cortisone relieved my pain, I am not convinced it helped much in healing the injury. I am a senior citizen, and my joint problems could be due to aging… but that is precisely why, I believe, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) approach may be the superior treatment for me! (Replenishing my aged joint with my own healing plasma.)

I have had two treatments thus far and I am pleased with my progress. My PAIN HAS DECREASED substantially as I engage in everyday activities, my RANGE OF MOTION has greatly improved, and I can SLEEP ON MY LEFT SIDE again! Weight lifting and certain overhead or twisting motions remain a challenge (though to a lesser degree), but I am hopeful, following my remaining two treatments, for continued improvement in those areas.

Finally, I found the plasma injections to be far less painful than cortisone shots. This, coupled with a caring and personal environment (thank you Anna), helped me to relax, which I also believe is important in healing.